Employee Spotlight: Yasuyo Dolan

Yasuyo Dolan is ELMO’s Pro AV Product Manager based out of San Diego.   For over 25 years, she has been an engineer in the tech industry with software development, as a Network System Administrator, consumer electronic development, and in IT customer service. She works with private businesses and government organizations in the United States and […]

Make Room for Ideas to Conjure and Creative Solutions to Prosper

ELMO ecosystem of connected devices is here to help foster ideas and curiosity. With financial aid being one solution to support students, what if we consider adjusting standard educational curriculum as another solution to improve students’ education? Creativity could be an afterthought in classrooms, and teachers usually structure curriculums based on homework, projects, and tests. […]

Ed-Tech Should be Available for Anyone to Access

Inadequate access to educational technology could be a critical factor in why students do not feel supported, connected, or engaged in school. According to EDUCAUSE research, around 19% of students need the financial means to purchase or access an ed-tech device. Because of this, 19% of those respondents’ opportunity to graduate or further their careers […]

ELMO Document Cameras Can Be Spooky Too!

Research has demonstrated that classroom engagement could increase students’ attention and motivate them to engage in higher-level critical thinking. There are multiple ways to engage with your students. You just have to think a little outside the box – and with ELMO Document Cameras to assist you – you will be good to go!

Employee Spotlight: Michael Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is ELMO’s Western Regional Sales Manager covering 13 States based out of the Sacramento, California region. He is here to help you find the best solution for your customer’s application when it comes to the ELMO line of products. Let Mike help you make it right for your customer. His time on the Dealer/Integrator side of the business really formed the “Best Solution for the Customer” philosophy he brings to his role as the Elmo Western Regional Sales Manager.

Foster Creativity this School Year

Did you know in 2015, Creativity moved from number ten to the top five soft job skills in 2020? Creativity can be such a vast skill set – but as the ELMO Team attended the NYC Schools Tech Summit, we immersed ourselves in an environment of like-minded professionals and educators ready to push the needle forward.

Employee Spotlight: Andy Bell

Andy is ELMO’s Northeast and Canadian Regional Sales Representative, living just outside of Boston, MA. He is passionate about assisting and supporting customers and ELMO dealers, doing anything and everything that drives business: sales calls, training sessions, trade shows, building relationships, and solving problems.