Present Your Way

ELMO Board makes presentations seamless for both teachers and students. It allows teachers to share presentations to their students’ devices wirelessly, encouraging engagement throughout the lesson. The interface also offers the ability to share printed presentations using your document camera, connect other devices to share local files or even use ELMO Board’s built-in web browser […]

3 Ways to Use your Document Camera Outside of a Classroom

1. Business Meetings Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues in person or from the comfort of your own home, ELMO document cameras are the perfect addition to your presentation. Document cameras allow you to seamlessly share information to wireless displays, monitors, and even online collaboration softwares. A document camera can even double as a webcam! 2. […]

Socially Distanced Ginger Breads

Spending time with family is important, especially during the holiday season. ELMO document cameras make it easier to enjoy your family’s holiday traditions from a safe distance. With seamless connectivity to many of the top collaboration softwares, you can decorate Ginger Bread houses with your family even when you can’t physically be together. Many of […]