One would need the right tools and technology to support vast concepts, theories, drawings, and projections to foster ideas. With technology advancing daily, it’s essential to rely on your device that fits your needs. The ELMO board is here to do just that. Suppose you’re an educator and need to capture ideas in the classroom quickly or enable student engagement by sharing photos and videos. In that case, The ELMO Board is reliable to do just that and more! 

Flexible technology is a must, especially when you’re trying to multitask. Let’s say you’d like to draw and watch a video. ELMO Board specialized background allows you to do just that. Imagine using one side of the display to draw on a custom graph simultaneously as the adjacent screen is playing a video. The intelligent writing capability and annotation tools allow you to use your finger, palm, or stylus to capture ideas and notes and then save them for future reference on the built-in whiteboard, your images, videos, and files. The possibilities to connect and engage with ELMO Board are endless! Making it easy for you to connect, share, and save information quickly and efficiently, all while keeping your audience engaged.  

Next time you are looking for a reliable, intelligent, and versatile interactive display board, think about ELMO Board equipped to make your workflow effortlessly simple. Learn more.