ELMO at FETC 2022

ELMO is exhibiting a wide range of ed tech products at FETC 2022 in Orlando. Stop by booth #535 for super raffles, fun giveaways and exciting new products.

National Hobby Month

Document cameras are perfect tools for musicians; use your document camera to share sheet music, record yourself playing, even use it to practice remotely with friends. The high-quality imaging on document cameras also makes it easy to show close-ups of fingering patterns for remote music lessons. Looking for more ways to use your ELMO? Join […]

Present Your Way

ELMO Board makes presentations seamless for both teachers and students. It allows teachers to share presentations to their students’ devices wirelessly, encouraging engagement throughout the lesson. The interface also offers the ability to share printed presentations using your document camera, connect other devices to share local files or even use ELMO Board’s built-in web browser […]

Annotate Any Lesson with Ease

The days of chalk and marker covered hands are over. ELMO Boards interface allows you to annotate on white boards, preloaded templates, custom templates, and live images. With the highly customizable whiteboard you can choose any pen color and write using your palm, finger, stylus or even two styluses at the same time. Create colorful […]

3 Ways to Use your Document Camera Outside of a Classroom

1. Business Meetings Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues in person or from the comfort of your own home, ELMO document cameras are the perfect addition to your presentation. Document cameras allow you to seamlessly share information to wireless displays, monitors, and even online collaboration softwares. A document camera can even double as a webcam! 2. […]