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Introducing ELMO Board, the simplest Interactive Display on the market.

Finally, a user-friendly classroom solution that makes teachers’ lives easier, improves how students learn, and better utilizes how budgets are spent.

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Easy Controller

EZ controller

Each ELMO Board includes ELMO’s Easy Controller, a physical control panel featuring your favorite functions.

Seamlessly connects to any ELMO Document Camera!

Leaf MXP2

Display documents or objects with plug and play ease.

ELMO Classroom was developed with educators in mind.  This comprehensive educational software package creates a collaborative and engaging classroom environment that promotes both independent and group study.

There has never been a simpler way to create, display, and share classroom content while keeping your student engaged in the classroom.  Make every classroom an ELMO Classroom.

Timer: Simple visual reinforcement for time based activities.
Comparison: View two or more images or videos at the same time to enhance collaborative processes.
Story Board: An ideal way to enhance student’s presentation capabilities.
Whiteboard: Easily annotate, write, draw or quiz on a blank or pre-installed educational background.
Questionnaire: A quick and easy way to quiz your students and assess progress.
Camera App: View the image from your ELMO Document Camera with the click of a button.
Messaging: Makes instant messaging to individuals or in groups a cinch.
Tablet Learning: Two-way content sharing allows teachers and as many as 42 students to collaborate.

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