ACES Technical Charter School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, strives to succeed in providing its students with the best educational experience. When a child enters their classroom, they should feel safe, supported, and have reliable technology throughout the years to come.   

ACES’ ambition to inspire students to achieve is the primary reason they chose an ELMO TT-12W document camera. Their instructional approach to enriching learning lessons is using visual teaching initiatives rooted in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) – which resonates with the design and feature elements of ELMO visual presentation devices.  

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Through financial adversity, ACES continues to push excellence and encouragement to explore subjects such as computer hardware assembly, coding, robotics, biomedical engineering, 3D printing, and more. To ensure students are engaged in their coursework, ACES spends extra time providing and connecting with school furniture sellers and tech companies like ELMO to create the best-suited classroom environment.  

The ELMO Document Camera is amazing. It allows me to interface with students much better than standing at the whiteboard. It allows me to see their body language and faces as the material is presented. It’s a huge asset to our classroom. Thanks, ELMO!!

Aces Charter School

Commitment, engagement, and focus are what’s needed to spark connectivity. With the ELMO TT-12W, there are enough zoom features to narrow the focus subject and spark creativity in the classroom. Like in ACES’ classroom, ELMO devices such as the TT-12W, document camera are flexible to illuminate almost anything presented under its lens.  

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ACES finds the will to encourage and develop safe spaces for children to learn, fail, and energize creative solutions. Here at ELMO, we strive to support and encourage schools like ACES to remind ourselves how important it is to ensure every child has an opportunity to strive toward success.

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