Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning approaches today’s ever-changing classroom with online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods.

ELMO’s connected ecosystem of products enable learning flexibility in and out of the classroom. Our hybrid solutions allow teachers and students to experience a dynamic learning environment where information quickly and freely can be shared, understood, edited, and saved virtually or in person, keeping everyone connected.

ELMO Hybrid Learning Collaboration Tools

Document Cameras

ELMO Document Cameras can be compatible with most of the online virtual meeting tools to follow along with lessons and could also be used as a webcam. See other uses for document cameras here.

ELMO Board with ELMO Classroom

Share images, files, videos, and live feed with students in class and virtually.

Image Mate + C

Image Mate + C is a browser based software that allows you to view your ELMO Camera image, annotate on the live image, control the zoom of your camera and record what you’re doing for later.

Image Mate + C also gives you four whiteboards to work from and save. You can also import a saved image or video to annotate on.

Share your browser window in your online collaboration software for easy online lessons.

Try Image Mate + C today for free : Click Here

Need a Camera for Hybrid Learning?

See a list of UVC compliant ELMO models here.