ELMO USA has been catering to the Education market for over 45 years, focusing primarily on K-12 and Higher Education. We have combined years of knowledge and research in order to manufacture only the best education technology products suitable for classroom needs.
ELMO has been in the Business and Legal market since the introduction of the first overhead projector in 1969. Since then ELMO has come a long way with document cameras catered to this specific market, meeting consumer needs with smaller and much more portable cameras for people ready to present on the go. The ELMO document camera has also been part of many big name court cases, such as the O.J. Simpson trial.
ELMO has also been catering to the Government since the introduction of the first overhead projector. Since then ELMO has been able to push further into this market with the establishment of our CCTV Cameras and now our higher end document cameras. ELMO has document cameras in many government agencies such as, NASA, the FBI and the CIA.