Intel Unite® Plugin

Intel Unite® Plugin for ELMO

The new plugin that combines the power of Intel Unite® for wireless collaboration with ELMO Document Cameras for a more interactive classroom experience.

Designed for the classroom, the Intel Unite® Plugin for ELMO untethers the teacher from a display or whiteboard by using the Intel Unite® solution to manage ELMO’s MX-1 Document Camera. With this plugin, teachers can utilize the Intel Unite® solution to project documents and objects from their desks to the front of the classroom. The ELMO Interactive Toolbox application software, paired with ELMO’s True 4K MX-1 Document Camera, turns any image capture into an interactive whiteboard that teachers can use to write or draw on, erase, save captures for later, and more.

Download ELMO Interactive Toolbox* + Intel Unite Plugin
*For ELMO Interactive Toolbox license key, please contact us.