One of the reasons technology is here is to, essentially, make life a little easier. The idea of unlocking your door when you’ve locked yourself out or using your phone to pay for a cup of coffee when you forgot your wallet are the small ways technology could make us feel as if our day is a bit lighter.  

ELMO ecosystem of connected devices is here to make your day feel lighter. The connect-ability, functionality, first-class customer support, and sleek design are why customers have been turning to ELMO to assist with visual solutions that connect minds.   

Our award-winning TT-12W document camera is designed intuitively for the most immersive educational experience on the market in its class. When utilizing its 192x zoom feature, you can illuminate the minor details in any object, making the learning possibilities vast in classrooms.  

Let’s not forget about the MX-P3. This powerfully portable document camera delivers the smoothest true-to-life image without any delay. Meanwhile, the OX-1 is our affordable, lightweight document camera that allows you to capture the most accurate color reproduction and resolution in its class.    

We may be over 100 years old, and folks could consider us the “document camera” in the document camera industry. We invented the document camera to help bridge the gap between visual learning and traditional methods. Our mission is to continue solving problems and connecting minds with AV solutions. Whenever you seek technology to serve your needs and expand ways of connecting, you can rely on ELMO to do just that.