Inadequate access to educational technology could be a critical factor in why students do not feel supported, connected, or engaged in school. According to EDUCAUSE research, around 19% of students need the financial means to purchase or access an ed-tech device. Because of this, 19% of those respondents’ opportunity to graduate or further their careers is slim because of insufficient access to technology, which most may take for granted. Students need access to reliable educational technology throughout their school years. If not, their growth opportunities could be hindered.  

It’s an honor that ELMO has provided technology devices to students and professionals for generations, we are over 100 years old after all. We understand the responsibility to ensure anyone who has an ELMO device feels connected. Our document cameras enable connectivity by design and intention. Our document cameras are flexible and lightweight, which allows mobility within classrooms and beyond.  

Connectivity is excellent, but engagement is even better! Thus, we developed ELMO Board and ELMO Classroom with educators in mind. Its comprehensive interactive display with crystal clear imaging and educational software package creates a collaborative and engaging classroom environment that promotes independent and group study. To ensure our users feel supported, we provide a best-class warranty on our devices to ensure ELMO users’ experience is the best! 

Overall, we want to continue giving access and support to anyone who uses ELMO tech devices. It’s crucial to make sure everyone not only has the possibility of using technology, but also can use reliable technology. Our product lines range from affordable, plug-and-play devices to wall-mounted interactive displays that can be controlled with a single room control system, ELMO CVAS. To see our wide ecosystem of connected educational solutions, click here.