ELMO has been a global leader in education technology for over 45 years.

Since 1921, ELMO has prided itself on providing the greatest quality, innovation, and service possible. ELMO develops award-winning products that set the standard for today’s classroom technology solutions, and our technologies are used in schools and business settings all over the world. From our globally acclaimed document cameras to our collaboration devices and audio systems, every product in the ELMO line is expertly designed with our years of research and experience. Thank you for continuing to trust ELMO for all of your classroom technology needs.



ELMO has helped shape the Education market with industry-leading technology for over 45 years, focusing primarily on K-12 and Higher Education. Thanks to our years of research and expertise, we are able to manufacture only the best education technology products suitable for classroom needs.


ELMO has served the Business market since we introduced our first overhead projector in 1969. Since then, our overhead projectors have evolved into high quality document cameras that range from platform cameras to smaller, more portable models for presenting on the go.


ELMO has supported the Government since the introduction of our overhead projectors and has continued to grow our presence in this market with our CCTV cameras and higher-end document cameras. ELMO document cameras are currently used by various government agencies such as NASA, the FBI, and the CIA.


ELMO has supplied the Legal market with solutions since our first overhead projector in 1969. With powerful zoom capability and impeccable image quality, our document cameras have aided in many high profile court cases, such as the O.J. Simpson trial.


  • 1921

    Company founded in Japan

  • 1927

    Released the first 16mm cine-projector

  • 1969

    Released the first overhead projector

  • 1973

    ELMO USA established

  • 1984

    Released first CCD video camera

  • 1988

    Released the first document camera

  • 2003

    Released network and pan-tilt zoom cameras

  • 2015

    Released PentaClass audio system

  • 2016

    Released MX-1 portable 4K document camera

  • 2017

    Released Huddle Space Collaboration Hub