Image Mate + Cloud

Introducing Image Mate + Cloud

Image Mate + Cloud is a web-based version of our Image Mate software. Image Mate + Cloud is perfect for on-the-go presentations or when you don’t have access to our full Image Mate or ELMO Interactive Toolbox software. Image Mate + Cloud can be used on its own or paired with your favorite ELMO document camera.  Features include: Draw, Highlight, Erase, Screenshot, Freeze Frame, Zoom In/Zoom Out, and Import from File.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8.1/10 | Mac OS X 10.13 and higher | Chrome OS 66 and higher | Android 5.1.1 and higher

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome 67 and higher

Supported ELMO Camera Models: MX-1 / MX-P / PX-10 / PX-30 / TT-12iD / TT-L1 / TT-X1 / MO-1 / MO-1w