The Centennial: A Storied Past, A Bright Future

For 100 years we have had an unwavering commitment to providing products and services of the utmost quality, at the highest level of innovation.  As a leader in the industry of presentation technology from very early on with film and slide projectors to the groundbreaking creation of the Visual Presenter, more commonly known as a Document Camera, our goal has remained the same, to provide easy-to-use cutting-edge technology that makes a positive impact on society. 

Our intuitive products can be found in classrooms, courtrooms, boardrooms, and hospitals throughout the world, playing a key role in the functioning of society. Whether it’s educating our children, aiding in the judicial process, closing that multimillion-dollar deal, or helping research a cure, an ELMO will always be by your side.

As our company vision focuses on the trends of today, we are committed to remaining an industry leader in presentation and communication technology.  We will work tirelessly to continue to create new products that contribute to the enrichment of society through education and corporate development.  Our vision is to focus and act on a bright future.