Scottie Go!

Teach coding like never before with Scottie Go!

Scottie Go! is a hybrid solution to teach programming: a set of cardboard tiles – the building blocks of every code composed within the game – and a software application that scans the tiles to move the characters in the game.

Scottie Go! involves all basic concepts of programming, ranging from basic instructions, loops, conditionals to variables and functions. It can be used as a basic tool to introduce and teach programming.

Students use Scottie Go! EDU app

Get students excited about coding

Students will love working together to get Scottie to his destinations. With colorful game pieces, lovable characters and easy-to-learn gameplay your students will look forward to every coding lesson.

Scottie Go! can be played as  a class using your ELMO document camera, or for more individual engagement, students can play Scottie Go! on their phones or tablets.

Easy to teach, easy to learn

Scottie Go! is the quickest and easiest way to teach coding. With no special training required, you and your students can immediately start working together to solve coding puzzles.


The game’s quick levels allow you to seamlessly fit a coding lesson into your busy schedule.

Four products to choose from

Scottie Go! EDU

Scottie Go! Basic

Scottie Go! Magnetic Tiles

Scottie Go! EDU Starter Kit

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