Research has demonstrated that classroom engagement could increase students’ attention and motivate them to engage in higher-level critical thinking. But, coming up with new ways to engage could be time-consuming. Even typing in “ways to engage students” on Google can send you into a deep rabbit hole of new tricks and inventions – but you still walk away with no measurable activity. In these situations, it’s best to keep it simple. There are multiple ways to engage with your students. You just have to think a little outside the box – and with ELMO Document Cameras to assist you – you will be good to go!  

It’s spooky season, so what a time to teach your class how to carve a pumpkin safely! Opt out of showing a boring YouTube video and instead get hands on with an ELMO Document Camera. It’s plug and play time! Pick up your OX-1 ELMO Document Camera, open your Image Mate + C webpage, aim the camera at the pumpkin and start carving away. You can make it more engaging by setting up your “carving area” with fake spider webs and spiders. Equipped with 1080p Full HD Resolution with 8x Zoom, you can guarantee the OX-1 will assist with engaging your classroom. 

Let’s say pumpkin carving is too messy, don’t fret. ELMO is here to solve solutions in hopes you can further your ideas and concepts for the world to see. You can present a treasure map for students to use their critical skills on how to move from point A to B. You can also showcase a vintage coin and use ELMO doc cameras to zoom in on small details that the naked eye can’t see. The ideas are limitless! 

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