CVAS Residential Room Control System



We are excited to enter the residential AV space for the first time in our 101-year history! Please join us as a new partner with the budget friendly CVAS control system for the homeowner’s entertainment room.



All-In-One, Touch Screen Control


CVAS is an all-in-one touch screen control system that can quickly convert any space into a fully automated environment. Its features and capabilities include:


  • Screen control of all your devices.
  • 7” stand-alone interface.
  • PoE powered for installation flexibility and fast deployment.
  • Bright, accurate full color touch display.
  • Desktop or wall mountable.


Control the Look-and-Feel of your CVAS


  • Customize your touch screen interface to look-and-feel the way you want it with the easy to learn CVAS Windows-based designer software.
  • Personalize it with your own photos and icons or use our pre-loaded media from the CVAS digital library.




Option to Connect Legacy Devices


An optional IFBOX interface box for controlling all legacy AV devices.


  • The IFBOX Controls up to 8 AV devices in your environment.
  • Serial RS-232, Infrared and contact closure control.
  • Seamlessly controlled by the TPC07 in your automated meeting space.
  • Add more IFBOXs for additional device control.


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