ELMO ecosystem of connected devices is here to help foster ideas and curiosity. With financial aid being one solution to support students, what if we consider adjusting standard educational curriculum as another solution to improve students’ education? Creativity could be an afterthought in classrooms, and teachers usually structure curriculums based on homework, projects, and tests. In return, students follow directions to finish the assignments correctly. Cindy Foley, the Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience at the Columbus Museum of Art, stated, – “The master builders are the educators…students are more of the factory worker getting the project done.” Although efficient, this curriculum style only offers a little space for ideas to conjure and creative solutions to prosper. One of the answers to figuring out the crisis in education can start in ways we prioritize fostering ideas and curiosity.

Fostering ideas enable students to find the answers that aid their ideas. Using the ELMO HS-2 Wireless Presentation System, enables collaboration in real-time to boost engagement, especially in a homeschool setting. Students can connect with up to four classmates and seamlessly share their curiosities in a social distance environment. With 4K Ultra HD Output and Wireless Screen Sharing, anyone can continue investigating and aiding their ideas to foster creativity better. Not to mention, you can do this easily, for no apps are required to connect.  

The ELMO Board is another excellent device to aid curiosity, research, and exploration in the classroom. With its 20-point touchscreen capabilities, a few hands can interact with the board while building their case study to nourish and grow their idea. Let students research serve curiosity while ELMO devices enable the center of creativity.  

ELMO makes it seamless for anyone to collaborate and explore their ideas. To see our wide ecosystem of connected educational solutions, click here.