Head back to school equipped with the right technology. The best way to be prepared for school is to ensure you have all the right tools to assist during those long nights of grading. School bundles are always a trend at the end of August. Companies fighting left and right to get your attention can make choosing your best option more difficult. But why need a bundle of things when you can rely on ELMO Doc Cameras to be an all-in-one, efficient, dependable, and adaptable tech gadgets in your environment. 

If you are a K-12 teacher, consider including ELMO Doc Camera, MX-P3 – weighing only 1.2 lbs., equipped with HDMI and USB ports, let us not forget an SC card slot, and its flexible structure makes it the perfect solution for when you are on the go.  

Let us say you are a college or grad school professor, and you are running late because – life happens. It would help if you had a quick solution to prepare for your lecture, right? While you gather your last-minute items, you proceed to grab ELMO Doc Camera, MA-1. The efficient and flexible doc camera to prepare you for excellence. Equipped with built-in Miracast wireless display connectivity and a built-in battery, you will be ready to move about the classroom to connect and engage with students directly.  

Remember, less is more, especially when using ELMO Doc Cameras. Learn More here