Did you know in 2015, Creativity moved from number ten to the top five soft job skills in 2020? Creativity can be such a vast skill set – but as the ELMO Team attended the NYC Schools Tech Summit, we immersed ourselves in an environment of like-minded professionals and educators ready to push the needle forward. We understood that the importance of the future of learning is how classrooms can foster Creativity. For example, classrooms could reposition students’ desks in a circular and comfortable position for students to interact with each other easily. Or increase reliable technology in learning environments to assist with expanding students’ ideas and concepts.  

As we left NYC Schools Tech Summit, we had a more profound understanding that to foster creativity in classrooms, technology and problem-solving are two main reasons ELMO products are designed to sustain through generations.  

For example, the MA-1, ELMO’s Wireless Doc Camera, can help expand the ways you present to the world. With its built-in battery and Miracast technology, learning is only as limited as your imagination.  

Let us not forget to mention the OX-1 Doc Camera. This affordable, lightweight document camera allows you to capture the most accurate color reproduction and resolution in its class. Equipped with Plug & Play USB Output and designed so flexible you can fold it flat!   

This school year is your year to shine. If you choose to push the needle forward, then great news, ELMO products are here to support your journey this year!