ELMO USA Corp., a leading manufacturer of education technology, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its ultra-portable document camera lineup, the MX-P3.  The newest model in the ever-popular MX Series offer the same look and feel of its predecessor but with notable enhancements.

“The MX-P2 model was a top choice for distance and hybrid learning due to the versatility of simultaneous outputs and its easy-to-use design”, says Ed Holmwood, Senior Sales Manager for ELMO USA Corp., “The upgrades that they’ve made with the MX-P3 make it a clear winner for any school district or college looking to upgrade their classrooms for a Hybrid or HyFlex learning environment.”

The upgrades start with the availability of 4K Ultra HD video over the HDMI, in addition to the USB output as in the previous model, making the classroom display even more crisp and clear for all students. 

Advancements in the USB technology allow for the MX-P3 to move away from the micro-USB 3.0 port on earlier models, to a much simpler USB-C connection.  The USB-C port allows for easier connection to modern computers and interactive displays without the need for an adapter.  The USB output is UVC compliant and the MX-P3 can be used with any online collaboration software. 

The MX-P3 also adds a SD card slot for even more possibilities.  Save still images and record movies directly to a SD card when you are not using it with a computer.

The MX-P3 keeps many of the features that make it a top choice for education environments including its lightweight nature, small footprint, magnetic base, 16x digital zoom capabilities, built-in microphone, and easy to use, flexible design.  Add on the MX writing board, an anti-glare dry erase writing surface, or a microscope attachment to round out the features of the MX-P3. 

The MX-P3 will be available in July 2021.  For more information on the MX-P3 visit www.elmousa.com or contact your local ELMO authorized reseller. 

About ELMO USA Corp.: For 100 years, ELMO has prided itself on providing the greatest quality, innovation, and service possible. ELMO develops award-winning products that set the standard for today’s classroom technology solutions, and our technologies are used in schools and business settings all over the world. From our globally acclaimed document cameras to our collaboration devices, every product in the ELMO line is expertly designed with our years of research and experience.

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