Andy is ELMO’s Northeast and Canadian Regional Sales Representative, living just outside of Boston, MA. He is passionate about assisting and supporting customers and ELMO dealers, doing anything and everything that drives business: sales calls, training sessions, trade shows, building relationships, and solving problems.

Andy Bell has spent his entire career selling and supporting products used to capture, edit, or record pictures and sound.  Around age 10 he started making stop-motion animation movies with an 8mm movie camera.  He still makes movies today, but he has better cameras now.  Andy’s experience with still photography goes back to the days of developing film and making prints in the darkroom.  He worked for the European film manufacturer Ilford, as they transitioned from the film and photo paper business to the inkjet paper business.  He has close to fifteen years of experience working with very large inkjet printers, introducing them to sign makers, photographers, fine art dealers, architects, and other specialized fields.  Andy was on the installation team for the world’s largest deployment of inkjet printers, for Anheuser-Busch.

Outside of work Andy shoots videos, mostly documentary work of live entertainers in the field.  He’s currently shooting with Canon full-frame DSLR cameras an editing in Final Cut Pro X. Also, fun fact, he has walked three miles a day before breakfast every day since 1998.  In 2014, Andy got Bryan Cranston to autograph a brand new pair of BVDs.  Andy plays 5 musical instruments, 3 of them badly.  Andy has  raised over $30,000 for charities in his hometown by promoting the annual visit of a small circus.  Ask Andy about his magic tricks.

To contact Andy, you can email him at [email protected] with any product inquiries or for more information.