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TT-L1 Refurbished


The TT-L1 (previously LX-1 and TT-LX1) is the newest addition to ELMO’s TT-Series line-up. The TT-L1 Document Camera was designed with not only the user in mind but the audience as well. With its new sleek and thin design it allows for better eye contact with your audience without blocking their view of you and the display. It was also built with a 45% smaller footprint in order to save room and increase portability, simplified connection sources containing output options only for ease of use, and a built-in security plate to keep your TT-L1 safe and secure. Last but not least you will still get the amazing TT-Series quality at an affordable price.


Please note all refurbished units have a 90 day warranty and are FINAL SALE!


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