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The QBiC MS-1 is a versatile Wide Angle Wearable Camera featuring a short throw lens which lets you shoot objects extremely close, at less than 1 inch. The Super-Wide Angle feature allows you to choose different angles to fit your creative style. Although compact, the QBiC allows you to capture unusual angles as if you are looking through a human eye. The QBiC MS-1 also allows you to record high quality video in Full HD while featuring a stereo microphone for crisp audio record.

The QBiC MS-1 can be used to record video/image of action sports, travel, landscapes, special events, food, family and friends, hobbies, field trips and so much more!

Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, the MS-1 will wirelessly connect to your iOS or Android smartphone through the official QBiC App for instant uploading to Facebook, Instagram or any social media. Share your creativity with everyone right as it happens. Use the app on your mobile device to view the live image from the camera, capture or record video, and change angle settings remotely.

iPhone Users: Click here to download the QBiC App on iTunes.
Android Users: Click here to download the QBiC App on Google Play.

QBiC MS-1 was featured in the digital edition of Twice Magazine. Click here to read the full article.


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