P30HD Visual Presenter

The Ultimate Faculty Enhancer

Make the most of your real-world materials with an ELMO P30HD Visual Presenter. Deliver real-time, true-to-life presentations that catch and keep the attention of everyone in the room. Integrate your resources into data files for easy transfer to a PC or SD card for storage. And let the learning begin.

P30HD Brochure



Full HD/128x Zoom
Never miss a beat
The P30HD's megapixel image sensor and 128x zoom captures everything from fine text to three-dimensional objects in 1080p full HD without ever missing a beat.
Get the View you Need
The flexible camera arm lets you capture your subjects from any angle and focus attention precisely where you want it. Simply lower the arm and rotate the camera head to project an intriguing bottom-to-top look at a three-dimensional object.
LCD Monitor
Never Miss a Beat
Thanks to the built-in 3.5-inch LCD monitor, you can see exactly what viewers see behind you on the screen. This way, you can adjust your materials as needed and continue your presentation without ever turning around or missing a beat
ELMO Integration
Pair your ELMO
The ELMO Tablet partners effortlessly with an ELMO document camera for dynamic, smooth-flowing lessons.