It is 2022, and the smartphone is becoming increasingly intelligent and has reshaped almost every aspect of how humans communicate. From Facetiming friends living in different countries, using your finger to unlock doors, and even working remotely with your students or coworkers. So why should you use an ELMO document camera instead of a cell phone?  

ELMO Document Cameras are sleek, portable, and sophisticated with the right equipment to enhance sharing and communicating with others. It also contains the same smartphone technology; a camera and a microphone, which allows you to highlight your project or edit documents hands-free in one place. Recording on a document camera can also keep you focused, unlike your cellphone, which could distract you with announcements, social media, games, news notifications, and personal messages you might not want students to see –TMI. 

Grading work can be fun for a few, but not so much for most. For example, you are a teacher, and it has been a long day. You might have a pile of essays to edit, and frankly, you have run out of room on paper to write your notes. Spending extra time revising, bubbling, highlighting, and then handwriting or typing edits can be time-consuming – but utilizing ELMO Document Cameras can give you additional support.  

The ELMO Ultra-Portable Document Cameras are equipped with a microphone for you to record your editing process. You can use one hand to circle and highlight areas on the document while speaking on your commentary. Doing this can deepen comprehension and cut out any miscommunication for the student. Once done, you can save it and share it with your student.   

Using your phone less may not always be terrible, especially if there are better options to get the same results. So, drop your phone, set up your doc camera, and enjoy freely speaking while displaying the lesson, notes, and tasks for the day.  

In the meantime, ask yourself: What are some creative solutions I can produce using ELMO document camera?