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With ELMO USA’s highly trained technicians you can rely on the ELMO USA Service & Repair Department to keep your products at peak operating condition.


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Discontinued Models

Mini Doc-Tor AP Bundle: 1337-180Mini Doc-Tor AP Bundle: 1337-280TT-12iD + ELMO Elite Max Bundle: 1349-MaxMO-1 White Visual Presenter + ELMO Elite Max Bundle System: 1337-1MaxMO-1 Black Visual Presenter + ELMO Elite Max Bundle System: 1337-2MaxELMO Elite P2MP Max + ELMO i-NOVO Charging Security Cart Bundle System: 1967-NOVOPOG Bundle: 1938-2POG Bundle: 1938-1Vision Bundle: 1337-17(White)Vision Bundle: 1337-27(Black)Doc-Tor AP Bundle: 1349-80Hitachi CP-EW301N: 1980TT-12i Interactive Document Camera: 1341Doc-Tor Bundle: 1353-80Doc-Tor Bundle: 1351-80MX-1 + Connect Box + Projector Bundle: 1358-80POG Bundle: 1925BOXi T-350: 1917BOXi MP-350: 1915-1MO-1: 1337-3 (Pink)BOXi T-200: 1918MO-1w: 1336-12 (VPR-2)P10: 1309MO-1w Visual Presenter: 1336-12BMO-1: 1337-1 (White)ELMO Elite P2MP Max: 1967-MaxPOG Wireless Bundle: 1937-12POG Bundle: 1938-3POG Bundle: 1937-3POG Bundle: 1937-2POG Bundle: 1937-1Vision Bundle: 1337-37(Pink)Mini Doc-Tor AP Bundle: 1337-364Mini Doc-Tor AP Bundle: 1337-264Mini Doc-Tor AP Bundle: 1337-164Doc-Tor AP Bundle: 1349-64ELMO Elite P2MP Plus: 1966-PLUSMO-1: 1337-2 (Black)ECART-SW CLASSROOM AV CART: ECART-SWECART12iD-80 ALL-IN-ONE: ECART12iD-80ECART12iD-NP CLASSROOM AV CART: ECART12iD-NPTT-02RXTT-02STT-02UTT-02TT-12P10SP10 ORIGINALP30SP30P100NHV-8000SXHV-7000SXHV-7100SXHV-5100XGHV-5000XGHV-3000XGHV-110XGHV-100XGHV-110UMO-1w: 1336-19 (VPR-1)HV-C1000XGVision BundleDOC-TOR BUNDLEDOC-TOR BUNDLEDOC-TOR 12 BUNDLEDOC-TOR 12 BUNDLEHD-80XGCO-10EV-6000AFEV-4400AFEV-500AFEV-400AFEV-2000AFEV-200Base Light Box: 1108EV-8000AFDT-70DT-100AFIP-55EMP-700EEDP-S10EDP-X20CRP-221CRP-261TNC4614DN/4614XTNC4604EDP-3600-6100IP-40SESUV-CAMMN400SUV-CAM PRO

Warranty Information

ELMO USA Corp. products carry a product specific warranty covering parts and labor [see schedule below]. Contact your ELMO USA Corp. representative for warranty information on accessories and lenses.

Warranty Period

TT Series | MO-1 | MO-1W | LX-1 | TX-1 | MX-1 Connect Box 5 Years
P10HD | P30HD | P100HD | P100(B) 3 Years
Huddlespace HS-G1 / G-2 / G-3  3 Years
Huddlespace Battery 1 Year
PentaClass 3 Years on unit / 1 Year on Runa microphone
CRA-1 Wireless Tablet 1 Year
Hitachi CP-EW301N Projector 3 Years [Contact Hitachi at 1-800-448-2244]
BOXi Mobile Projector 1 Year
CRV-24 | CRV-32 Student Response System 1 Year
ECART Series 1 Year, PS111 Switcher 1 Year [Contact Presentation Switchers at 1-800-614-9958]
SyncPad Charging Security Cart 10 Years [Except for electrical components, 2 Years]
[Contact Balt at 1-800-749-2258]
i-NOVO Charging Securtiy Cart 10 Years [Except for electrical components, 2 Years]
[Contact Balt at 1-800-749-2258]
QBiC Wide Angle Wearable Camera 1 Year
VPR-1 | VPR-2 Wireless Receiver 1 Year
Pan – Tilt – Zoom Cameras 1 Year

*Model name and its warranty policy could change without prior notice.