ELMO document cameras pair perfectly with ELMO Board providing endless learning opportunities. ELMO’s OX-1 connects effortlessly to ELMO Board allowing you to provide clear demonstrations that everyone can see. This integrated technology allows you to create fun, engaging lessons that students will love, such as this geometric Halloween lesson.

Making a geometric bat using ELMO OX-1 adn

Things you’ll need:

  • ELMO Board
  • ELMO document camera (we’ll be using an OX-1)
  • Black paper shapes
    • Four equilateral triangles (two small, two large)
    • 1 Circle
    • 2 Squares
    • 1 Rectangle
    • 2 Isosceles triangles
  • Optional: MX Writing Board

How it’s done:

Step 1 – Plug your ELMO Document Camera into ELMO Board, in this case we connected OX-1’s USB cable to the front port of the ELMO Board. This will automatically connect your document camera to the ELMO Board.

Step 2 – Press the Camera App button on your ELMO Board home screen. This will share the document camera image with your class.

Step 3 – Align the shapes on your table surface (we’re used MX Writing Board). Use the ELMO Board stylus to annotate the shapes with your students. ELMO Board’s highly customizable interface lets you write in orange for added Halloween fun, and the anti-bacterial screen allows both teachers and students to annotate on the board safely.

Step 4 – Assemble the shapes as seen below, and have students guess what spooktacular Halloween shape you’re creating.

Labelling shapes using OX-1 and ELMO Board
ELMO Board Screenshot: Annotating on the OX-1 image using ELMO Board’s writing tool.
Creating shapes with OX-1 and ELMO Board
ELMO Board Screenshot: OX-1 image
OX-1 and ELMO Board working together to show document camera image and annotation.
ELMO Board and OX-1 working in unison.
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