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POG Bundle

PRODUCT CODE #: 1937-3

All in One Bundle Designed to Make Presentations In and Out of the Office Easier

The Presentations on the Go Bundle (POG) is a bundle system of the MO-1Visual Presenter (Pink) #1337-3 , BOXi MP-350 #1915-1, a soft padded bag #1389 and an HDMI cable all for a great price.

The MO-1 Visual Presenter (Pink) is a document camera designed for presentations in and out of the classroom. The MO-1 is smaller than a business envelope and is a great option for teachers who teach in several locations and business travelers who are constantly on ” the go.”

The BOXi MP-350 is a mobile projector that is designed for business and/or classroom presentations. It could also be used at home for watching movies or playing video games. The BOXi MP-350 is WiFi enabled which is great for traveling without the bulky cables.