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PentaClass A


ELMO USA Presents the PentaClass A

An All-In-One Voice Enhancement and Audio Solution with analog input. With easy installation, the PentaClass A uses a 360° Omnidirectional Soundfield for a rich sound whenever and wherever you are seated in the room.

The PentaClass A is easy to use. Simply plug in the power cord, turn on and it’s ready to go. The PentaClass A has an Auto Power Off feature for automatic energy saving. The PentaClass A uses a 19 V 2A power supply.

The PentaClass A uses a LED Status Indication that will illuminate on the top panel. Audio Presets help make the PentaClass A easy to customize for your use. Choose through a variety of voice, multimedia and music EQ presets.

The PentaClass A is an all-in-one 360° Omnidirectional Audio Solution system, designed to give you crystal clear sound whenever you are in the room. With easy installation to suit your needs; operation of the PentaClass A is a breeze with the easy to use remote control, designed for sound and light adjustment for your personal use.