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Mini Doc-Tor AP Bundle

PRODUCT CODE #: 1337-364

Easy to Use Mobile Classroom Bundle: Visual Presenter + Digital Projector

The MO-1 Visual Presenter (Pink) is a mobile document camera designed for both the classroom and presentations on the go. Smaller than a business envelope, the MO-1 Visual Presenter is one of the highest quality imaging mobile presenters on the market.

The ASK Proxima C3327W-A LCD Portable Projector is a user friendly carefree projector for both business and education. ELMO USA Corp. has tested more than a dozen LCD and DLP Projectors and we have found that the most suitable product is from ASK Proxima. The ASK Proxima C3327-W outperforms all of the others in the market and is a great match for ELMO Document Cameras, at a reasonable cost.