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MA-1 + Scottie Go! EDU


The MA-1 Scottie Go! EDU Bundle allows educators to interact with their students while teaching the fundamentals of programming.

Intuitively designed for the most immersive STEM experience, the MA-1 STEM CAM opens up a world of endless learning possibilities in the K-12 classroom. The MA-1 is our first Android-based document camera, with a multi-touch screen for navigation. This gives users the ability to browse the web and access educational apps over Wi-Fi or using a wired network connection.

The MA-1 also comes with built-in Miracast wireless display connectivity and a built-in battery. This enables educators to move about the classroom to directly engage with students without having to be tethered to their desks.

Scottie Go! EDU helps players learn about basic programming
concepts, such as, loops and variables. The app sets the tasks and then scans the proposed solution. Next, the app assesses  the commands by capturing a photo or a video.

Like other Scottie Go! products, this version teaches students to think analytically and logically. It also teaches them to to solve complex problems, and work in a group. Overall, Scottie Go! EDU supports the development of programming skills in early education.

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