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Doc-Tor Bundle

PRODUCT CODE #: 1353-80

Easy to Use Classroom Bundle: Interactive Document Camera + LCD Projector.

Capture your student’s mind in the world of visual learning. The new TT-LX1 Visual Presenter offers the largest optical zoom lens of any camera in its class while the full HD camera captures crisp, clear detail on the smallest of objects. The easy to use TT-LX1 makes the perfect addition to any classroom.

The Hitachi CP-EW301N Projector is a user friendly carefree projector for both business and education. ELMO USA Corp. has tested more than a dozen LCD and DLP Projectors and we have found that the most suitable product is from Hitachi. The Hitachi CP-EW301N outperforms all of the others in the market and is a great match for ELMO Document Cameras, at a reasonable cost.

This item has been discontinued. Please see Doc-Tor Bundle (TT-LX1 + CP-EW302N)