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The ALL NEW, All-in-One ECARTLX-NP Classroom Cart allows you to connect your laptop, projector and even your favorite ELMO Document Camera to one convenient location. The two slide-out equipment shelves can easily retract for easy storage. It also includes a PS111 switcher with HDMI/VGA inputs to simply switch between devices. There are two integrated 5” speakers and a 25W amplifier for amazing built-in sound quality. The ECARTLX-NP also includes an ELMO LX-1 Document Camera & an ELMO CRA-1 Wireless Tablet for annotation.

1. Wheeled Classroom AV Cart
2. PS111 Switcher with HDMI/VGA Inputs
3. Two Slide-Out Equipment Shelves
4. Two Integrated 5″ Speakers
5. One 25W Amplifier
6. LX-1 Document Camera
7. CRA-1 Wireless Tablet


  • Education