You are what you eat

MO-1 Visual Presenter, P10 New Document Camera, TT-02RX - discontinued, TT-12 Interactive Document Camera- DISCONTINUED

Increase students’ awareness of food ingredients and percentages of nutritional components such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fat, sodium, and fiber by using an ELMO document camera to project the images of actual food wrappers. This activity can be an eye-opening experience for everyone!

ELMO document camera, Projector, Food wrappers that contain nutrition and ingredient information


1. Assign students to bring in an item of food, or only the wrapper, that contains the nutrition and ingredient label.

2. Using the ELMO document camera, project the ingredients and nutritional label of the food items or wrappers that students have brought in. 
3. As a class, discuss the components of each food item displayed, calling attention to certain target concepts.

4. Project several wrappers with nutritional information that have not already been discussed as a class. Have students discuss collaboratively which food is the healthiest based on the information given or have students write a paragraph critically analyzing the healthiness of the items displayed.

Cut off the nutritional information of several food containers. Display using the ELMO document camera. Give students several choices of food names. Have students make educated guesses to match each product with its label based on the information given.