Teacher quotes

  • I use the ELMO wireless tablet for daily instruction. My math textbook is online and resources are in PDF or word format. I use the ELMO tablet (just like a mouse) to access the curriculum needed for my lesson, and then I use the annotation tool to model the steps needed to solve the problems. All the while, everything is projected for students to see and I am able to circulate throughout my room with the slate. Using the ELMO tablet immediately reduced off task behavior because I wasn’t stuck at my computer or the board during instruction. In addition, student engagement increased because I allowed students to “pass the tablet,” so they could demonstrate and share their thought process when solving problems.”

    K6 Math Teacher
  • I love how the wireless slate interacts with the document camera and computer. Superior to the other brands’ slate with which you must chose one operation or the other. Also loved the option to make a video! The camera is clear, focuses well, and doesn't have the lag that others do (that makes me dizzy). It also eliminates need for creating transparencies. Can model work and writing on normal paper! Students love to use it! Students pay close attention to lesson when using the slate and camera. Participation increases as well.”

    Pre K, K1-3 Teacher
    Dallas in TX
  • I find the ELMO document camera the most useful teaching tool on the market. I like the features on the camera. The picture in a picture is useful when switching from live to text or picture analysis. The CRA-1 wireless slate is great for enabling freedom to walk about the room without having to run back to the computer to switch screens, etc. гЂЂIn my classroom, a student will work 30 math problems on the slate before they would done on paper. Plus they LOVE to teach other students while they work them. It does not get any better than that.”

    K6-9 Math Teacher
    in KY