Story Time

MO-1 Visual Presenter, P10 New Document Camera, TT-02RX - discontinued, TT-12 Interactive Document Camera- DISCONTINUED

Story time is a classic activity of elementary school. The teacher reads the text on a few pages, and then turns the book around to face the students so they can see the pictures. One disadvantage is that we never seem to hold the pictures up for long, and students who are not sitting near the front often do not see the images very well. Story time can be transformed forever using an ELMO document camera, with projected images of pictures and text large enough for all students to see.

ELMO document camera, Projector, Book that has been selected to read as a class


1. Choose the book that is to be read together as a class.

2. Project the image of each page of the book that is being read using the ELMO document camera.
3. Call attention to target words and illustrations as desired.

4. Quiz students verbally about elements of the story.
5. Have students draw additional illustrations for certain parts of the book.

An ELMO document camera provides an excellent way to “publish” original student stories. After students have written and illustrated their own story, allow students to share their stories with the class by projecting them with the help of an ELMO document camera. When you find supplementary printed materials on an instructional topic, but it is not feasible to purchase or reproduce the material, use an ELMO document camera to project the image for the class to see.