POG Wireless Bundle (Mo-1w + VPR 2 Receiver + BOXi MP-350)

POG Wireless Bundle (Mo-1w + VPR 2 Receiver + BOXi MP-350)

PRODUCT CODE #: 1937-12

All in One Bundle Designed to Make Presentations In and Out of the Office Easier


The Presentations on the Go Bundle (POG) is a bundle system of the MO-1w Visual Presenter #1336-12 , BOXi MP-350 #1915-1, a soft padded bag #1389 and an HDMI cable all for a great price.


The MO-1w Visual Presenter is a document camera designed for presentations in and out of the classroom.  The MO-1 is smaller than a business envelope and is a great option for teachers who teach in several locations and business travelers who are constantly on " the go."


The BOXi MP-350 is a mobile projector that is designed for business and/or classroom presentations.  It could also be used at home for watching movies or playing video games. The BOXi MP-350 is WiFi enabled which is great for traveling without the bulky cables. 


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Click Here For more information on the BOXi MP-350 Visual Projector


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POG Features


Conduct Presentations on the Go

The POG bundle allows for easy hassle free presentations that can be conducted anywhere using the mobility of the MO-1w Visual Presenter and the BOXi MP-350 Mobile Projector.

Light Weight

Weighing less than 5 lbs, the POG bundle is easy to carry to meetings and/or presentations.

MO-1w Visual Presenter (White)


Ultra compact and Portable Wireless Document Camera

Featuring an ultra compact, simple and stylish design, the MO-1w can easily fit inside a jacket pocket or small handbag, making it lightweight and easy to carry in virtually any situation. Weighing in at only 1.3 lbs, the MO-1w may be compact in size, but its true color reproduction of five Megapixels creates a powerful and vivid presentation.  The MO-1w connects to a document camera without the use of bulky cables.  All you have to do is connect the VPR-2 Receiver (included) to the HDMI input on a projector or monitor.

Other Features of the MO-1 Visual Presenter Include:

No Cable Required Between the MO-1w and a Projector

*The combination of the MO-1w and VPR-2 Receiver enables the wireless transmission of quality images

No Interference with Existing Wireless Networks

*The MO-1w operates on the latest WHDI technology (a frequency rate more than twice the rate of traditional networks). Therefore, there is no interference with other classroom technology.

Flexible Camera Arm and Camera Head

*The camera head on the MO-1 rotates 300 degrees for different views

Full HD: Clear and Precise Image Quality

*The MO-1 has HDMI input/output and 8x Digital Zoom to see the tiniest features

Built-in Microphone

*The MO-1's built in microphone is great for important online meetings

High-Precision Visual Presentation Tool

*The MO-1 projects small items and documents through its 8x digital zoom and high definition image projection

Click here for more information on the MO-1w Visual Presenter + VPR-2 Wireless Receiver


BOXi MP-350 Mobile Projector


Mobile & Light

Weighing only 1.1 lbs and as compact as a lunch box at 5.2" x 5.6" x 1.7", BOXi can easily be carried to an important presentation or meeting.


Other Features of the BOXi MP-350 Mobile Projector Include:

Wireless Capability

*Wireless Presentations are made possible by downloading the BOXi Play* Feature to your computer and by downloading the BOXi Air App to your smartphone.  The apps are free and can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play.

Short Focus

*Project a 50" image with only 3.3" of throw distance for both business and personal use.

Quiet Projection

*The quiet engineering of BOXi allows for important meetings and presentations to be conducted without distruption.

Quick & Easy Setup

*Project an image 7 seconds after powering on!


Click here for more information on the BOXi MP-350


*BOXi Play is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows: Windows XP (32bit/64bit)/Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) / Windows 7/Windows 8 and Mac:OSX 10.5+