The Ultimate Faculty Enhancer

Even in an increasingly virtual world, reality is often the best teacher. Actual specimens, real three-dimensional objects, authentic documents, and pages directly from a book all make visual presentations more diverse, realistic, and vivid. Make the most of your real-world materials with an ELMO P30HD Visual Presenter. Deliver real-time, true-to-life presentations that catch and keep the attention of everyone in the room. Integrate your resources into data files for easy transfer to a PC or SD card for storage. And let the learning begin.

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3.4M CMOS & Full HD (1080p)

The P30HD's megapixel image sensor captures everything from fine text to three-dimensional objects in 1080p full HD.

Projecting to a large high-quality digital TV or a plasma over 100" can demonstrate the true value of the P30HD. You will instantlly recognize the P30HD's unprecedented clarity.


Powerful 128×Zoom

When the P30HD’s high-magnification 16X optical zoom is combined with its 8X digital zoom, images can be enlarged up to 128 times for the clear, distortion-free display of even the tiniest details. This feature helps the audience improve their understanding of the points made in a lecture or a presentation.

Built-In 3.5-Inch LCD Monitor

Thanks to the built-in 3.5-inch LCD monitor, you can see before you on the control panel exactly what viewers see behind you on the screen. This way, you can adjust your materials as needed and continue your presentation without ever turning around or missing a beat.

Adjustable Free-Angle Camera Arm

Broaden the view and heighten your impact. The flexible camera arm lets you capture your subjects from any angle and focus attention precisely where you want it. Simply lower the arm and rotate the camera head to project an intriguing bottom-to-top look at a three-dimensional object.

Easy Access to Primary Functions and Quick Setup

With zoom and auto focus conveniently concentrated on the camera head, you can zoom in, zoom out, and adjust the focus as needed without disrupting the flow of your presentation. Other frequently used functions have been conveniently concentrated in plain view on the control panel for easy operation. Everything is right at your fingertips for immediate access, and with just one simple movement, the camera and light on the compact P30S are ready for action. And both can be easily folded down when no longer needed.

3D Noise Reduction

New developed 3D noise reduction helps to remove picture distortion completely. Crystal clear images can now be shown on a big screen without any flickering in the image.  

30 fps for Smooth Motion Display

At 30 frames per second, the P30HD smoothly captures and reproduces moving images. The high frame rate helps eliminate the after-images produced when the subject is changed and the stroboscopic effects produced when the zoom adjusts itself or the display subject is moved.

Full-HD & HDMI Output

The P30HD’s versatile output connections bring greater freedom and flexibility to presentations. With its full-HD output and HDMI port, for example, the P30HD can be connected to a digital TV via a single cable for the ultra-easy display of full-HD images.

Wireless remote control

The uniquely designed infra-red receiver can pick up a signal from up to a distance of 7m, enabling you to control the P30HD from almost anywhere.


By connecting the RS-232C to a computer, you are able to use the computer to control power (on/off) and other functions.  

Presentation Support Tools

The P30HD has various presentation support features, such as Picture in picture, Spilt screen, Masking, Highlighting, Color filtering, and Mosaic, which help presentations and lectures to be more effective and interactive. Also, video can be recorded with audio via the built-in microphone.


Save presentation on External Memory

Both still images(jpg) and audio video files(mp4) can be saved on a USB flash drive or SD Memory Card for future use. Files may also be saved to a PC or Mac using Image Mate Software(included).

Audio Input & Output

With the P30HD, audio enhancement can be added to presentations or lectures via the built-in microphone or an external microphone input (Mic In/Line In). Audio output can be routed to the external HDMI or Audio Line Out port.


Annotate on Live Images

The images captured from the P30HD can be annotated in real time, creating a solution for conveying complicated concepts and important points.  

Annotate Live Images without a Computer

The CRA-1's wireless adapter can be pluged into the P30HD directly, allowing direct annotation on live images from anywhere in the room without using a computer.

Obtain added features with a computer

With the CRA-1's supplied software - Image Mate Accent, there are more features that can be used in presentations, including various recording features, time lapse photography, interactive whiteboard features, and more.