P10 New Document Camera

P10 New Document Camera


Precise, productive and practical, the ELMO P10 document camera turns classroom presentations into a springboard for discovery, where just-like-real images - vividly captured down to the finest detail - surprise, stimulate and inspire.



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Powerful 128x Zoom

When the P10's high-magnification 16x optical zoom is combined with its 8x digital zoom, images can be enlarged up to 128 times for the clear, distortion-free display of even the tiniest details. With its high-resolution images, powerful zoom func-tion and ultra-smooth motion display, the P10 helps students explore a world of fine details and delicate movements.

High Quality Images, Smooth Moving Images at 30 fps

To capture images in stunningly vivid detail, the P10 employs a precise 1.49-megapixel CMOS image sensor. The human eye recognize 25 fps (frames per second) or above as "normal video". The P10 reproduces moving images at 30 fps for the display of truly smooth, natural-looking motion.

Simple Control Panel

Simple by design, the P10's control panel features simplified buttons and LED indicators logically laid out for total ease of use.

Flexible Camera Arm

The P10 can capture images from any angle, thanks to its adjustable camera arm and head that can be freely raised, lowered, and rotated to focus attention precisely where it's needed.

LED Lamp

Another presenter-friendly feature, the free-angle LED lamp fully illuminates the P10's stage-making it easy to position and light display objects even in darkened presentation rooms-and folds down with the camera for easy storage.

DVI-D and RGB Output Connections

The P10's versatile output connections bring greater presentation freedom and flexibility. The DVI-D connection allows high-quality images to be transferred without any loss of image quality and converted to HDMI signals via a DVI-HDMI cable (not included). The analog RGB outputs in XGA, SXGA and WXGA resolutions.

Supplied Image Mate software

The P10's USB port makes it easy to transfer ELMO-captured images onto a computer. Bundled Image Mate software provides the annotation tools for highlighting those images with lines, shapes and freehand notes. Image Mate software also enables audio-visual recording saved as AVI files and time-lapse photography captured in intervals ranging from one second to 24 hours.

SDHC Memory Card Capability

For ultra-easy presenting, images captured on a computer, a digital camera or the P10 itself can be stored for future use on an SDHC memory card (sold separately)