MO-1 Visual Presenter - Pink

MO-1 Visual Presenter - Pink

PRODUCT CODE #: 1337-3 (Pink)

Versatile Ultra Compact Visual Presenter 
Designed for Presentations On the Go!

Visual presenter MO-1 is a completely new concept mobile document camera designed for instructions and presentations anywhere in or out of the classroom or office. Smaller than a business envelope, the MO-1 is one of the highest quality imaging mobile presenters on the market.

Ideal for teachers who teach in several locations and business travellers. It allows users to choose a color (white, pastel pink, matte black) that best suit their various teaching or business needs.


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ELMO Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer

ELMO USA CORP. is now partnering with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® and will donate to them $5 per unit sale of the Pink MO-1.

We believe that raising awareness of the importance of medical examinations plays acrucial role in stamping out breast cancer. We are honored to have a partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and hope to contribute to their continued research through our products.
  - Matt Takekoshi, president of ELMO USA CORP.


Ultra compact and High Portability

Featuring an ultra compact, simple and stylish design, the MO-1 can easily fit inside a jacket pocket or small handbag, making it lightweight and easy to carry in virtually any situation. Weighing in at only 1.3 lbs, the MO-1 may be compact in size, but its true color reproduction of five Megapixels creates a powerful and vivid presentation.

The MO-1 can be used for utilization during lessons and meetings when reviewing written contracts, magnifying small products, demonstrating smart phones and tablets or even as a webcam for online meetings.

The image capture device is designed to reproduce images of documents and three-dimensional objects on a screen through a projector or a digital TV monitor. Ideal for business travelers, the MO-1 supports online visual communication and allows users to choose a color (white, pastel pink or matte black) that best suits their various business or teaching needs.


Easy Operation

The MO-1 is surprisingly east to use; just place your teaching materials, documents or any presentation item under the camera, connect the MO-1 to a projector or TV monitor, and you're ready! The simple design of the control panel ensures easy operation, even for someone unfamiliar with this type of equipment.

Full HD: clear and precise image quality

The user-friendly device features an HDMI input/output, 8X digital zoom capability,
5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 30fps (full-motion) when used in 720p.

Flexible camera arm and camera head

Intuitive and friendly operation. Easy to set up and use. When connecting to a computer, the MO-1 can be used as a three dimensional scanner. (Close-up to 2.7 inch distance from the objects.)

High-precision visual presentation tool

The MO-1 was designed to visually enhance any presentation situation, including teaching, lecturing, vocational training and or business meetings. With its innovative technology, the MO-1 is the key to engaging any audience and increasing their depth of understanding. The MO-1 does this by clearly and precisely projecting small items, documents and even live manual manipulation of objects through its 8X digital zoom and high definition image projection. The MO-1 can also be used as a scanner to instantly transform documents, architectural models and product parts into digital data.

For network communication

Built-in Microphone allows you to use the MO-1 as a web cam for important online meetings.

SD card slot, HDMI input, Powered via USB

Still images can be stored on the SD card. HDMI input allows you to make high definition image presentation possible. Furthermore, no AC adapter is required when the MO-1 is connected to a computer by the USB cable. (*when in USB mode)

Add more impact to your presentation with the CRA-1 wireless tablet!

CRA-1 allows you to easily make annotations on live images. Make your presentation more engaging and effective. MO-1 and CRA-1 Bundle is also available. Ask for educational pricing!

Product code #1337-17 (MO-1 White + CRA-1) MSRP: $849.99 
Product code #1337-27 (MO-1 Black  + CRA-1) MSRP: $849.99 
Product code #1337-37 (MO-1 Pink   + CRA-1) MSRP: $849.99