Learn to Write

MO-1 Visual Presenter, P10 New Document Camera, TT-02RX - discontinued, TT-12 Interactive Document Camera- DISCONTINUED

Learning to form letters correctly is an essential elementary writing skill. Using an ELMO document camera, you can provide opportunities for students to practice letter formation on a large scale, with the added benefit of movement for kinesthetic learners.

ELMO document camera, Projector, One paper with the letters of the alphabet to be practiced clearly written (divided by strokes if desired), Whiteboard or large sheet of paper that students can write on


1. Prepare paper with letter formations to be practiced.

2. Project the image of the letters to be practiced using the ELMO document camera.
3. Have students line up at the projected image.
4. Direct the first student to copy the first letter of the list.
5. After allowing sufficient time to copy the assigned letter, erase what is written and have the first student rotate to the next letter to the right. The first student begins to form the second letter, and the next student in line begins to form the first letter.
6. Repeat rotation, continuing until all students have rotated through to finish forming each letter.

7. Leave projected image of the targeted letters. Have students work independently to create the letters on their own paper.

This activity can also be used to help students learn how to form numbers and geometric shapes.