ELMO USA Introduces the 2nd Lesson Idea Contest for Educators

ELMO USA Introduces the 2nd Lesson Idea Contest for Educators

Oct 18, 2012

PLAINVIEW, NY – ELMO USA Corporation, the global leader of innovative education technology, is pleased to announce its 2nd Lesson Idea Contest for educators in the US and Canada. The first winner will be awarded a best-selling TT-12 Interactive Document Camera followed by the second prize of an ultra compact MO-1 Visual Presenter. The third and fourth prizes are ELMO original education supporting goods. An additional prize will be given for the best creative lesson ideas used with the ELMO Student Response System.


The contest opened on October 17, 2012 and will close on February 28, 2013. The lesson plan template is available at www.elmousa.com. Entrants must submit the completed templates by email. Educators who don't have ELMO products have an option to sign up for Use it, Love it Free Trial Program and enter the contest while trying the ELMO product for free for 30 days. (This program is available for US residents only.)


“Over the last 10 years, classroom technology was rapidly and widely introduced to K-12 schools nationwide as teachers face the reality that they are busy and do not have enough time to receive training to fully utilize technologies in the classroom. Therefore, we have been offering free training support for our customers.” said Matt Takekoshi, President of ELMO USA. “This contest is designed to back up our training support. We hope it will encourage teachers to use our products more efficiently in the classroom. Outcomes can be shared with other educators on our website.”


For further information on the 2nd Lesson Idea Contest, visit www.elmousa.com or call 1-800-947-ELMO.


Contest Rules 

1. No purchase necessary.

2. Applicants must be US or Canada residents.

3. Lesson Ideas must be made using ELMO products. Predetermined lesson plan template

provided on this website must be completed for submission AND include at least one of the

following: photo(s), video recording(s) demonstrating the use of the ELMO.

4. Applicants may submit more than one case study. No entrance fee necessary to participate. 

5. ELMO USA CORP. has the right to determine what is or is not a valid submission. 

6. Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2013. Winners will be announced by March 30,

2013 and notified by email.

7. ELMO USA CORP. has the right to use the lesson ideas including winning lesson idea for

marketing purposes.



Use it, Love it Free Trial Program available for educators in the US 

Use it, Love it Free Trial Program is a unique testing opportunity for educators to evaluate ELMO products for free for 30 days. The products offered under the program are the TT-12 Interactive Document Camera and the CRA-1 Wireless Tablet. The TT-12 Interactive Document Camera is a fifth generation model representing the exceptionally popular "Teacher's Tool" line of document cameras. Sign up form for the program is available online at www.elmofreetrial.com.


For more information on the ELMO lesson idea contest, go to http://www.elmousa.com/lesson-idea-contest