ELMO SyncPad/Charging Security Cart (32 slots)

ELMO SyncPad/Charging Security Cart (32 slots)

PRODUCT CODE #: 27705-4E

Sync, Charge and Store Securely


The New ELMO SyncPad Cart allows you to sync, charge and securely store your mobile device. The customizable SyncPad Cart can hold up to 32 mobile devices.

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Sync and Charge.

Plug in Master PC/MAC and use configuration software to sync with iTunes (for Apple products) and Windows Explorer (For Windows OS). Charge different technologies such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android tablets/phones simultaneously.



Choose from 32 or 48 tablet compartments.



One Power Source

Plug USB cables directly into Sync Pad Cart-no need for additional adapters.



Smart Charging System.

The ELMO SyncPad Cart identifies each device and charges to the proper level. Each device can be charged up to 2 amps. The LED indicator provides visual representation of charging status.




Lockable cabinet for safety and security.