PRODUCT CODE #: 1335-24 (24 Clickers)

Make learning more FUN!  Inspire each other

Easy to set up and use. The entire system is managed via a wireless adaptor (dongle) that inserts into any computer for “plug & play” use. The system also works with nearly all types of content, including PDF, Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, online content and learning programs.

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Enhance classroom efficiency

The ELMO SRS(Student Response System) aids teachers by recording student responses into the ImageMate Accent for SRS software, so that teachers can review students’ performance and understanding of the material, as well as analyze the results using XLS, CSV, and XML formats. Furthermore, with the optional iRespond software, teachers can perform advanced analysis and grade management using edMastery®, Pinnacle®, GradeQuick®, etc.

ELMO Student Response System includes:
-24 sets of clicker
-Wireless Adapter
-Image Mate Accent for SRS software
-Carrying Bag


Unprecedented interactive learning

Step 1:
Teacher Poses a Question With an ELMO document camera, existing teaching materials of all kinds (e.g. textbooks, handwritten documents) can instantly become an ELMO SRS quiz bank. The SRS also works with nearly all types of computer program files and content. (Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Web content, and more!)

Step 2:
Students Respond Students use the clickers to key in their answers, which are recorded in the software database.

Step 3:
Results Are Tabulated Student responses are instantly tabulated and displayed in bar graphs or pie charts, allowing teachers to assess the performance of an entire class. Measure student comprehension in real time. Enhance student participation and motivation to learn.


Intuitive easy-to-use software

Simple teacher-friendly control panel. Ask a question, click on the arrow button in the middle, and the quiz time begins. Because the control panel looks just like the clickers that students have in their hands, they can easily follow the teacher's instructions.

Quick assessment to review understanding and comprehension

Teachers can poll students at any time during class to assess progress.After collecting answers, results can be displayed instantly in bar graph form. This allows teachers to review student understanding and manage the class. Based on responses shown up, teachers can determine whether they need to review, re-teach or proceed with the remainder of lesson.

Encourages every student to be engaged

Reward illustrations appear on-screen, quizzes can be timed to create a sense of urgency, and friendly competition is inspired by showing a list of the five quickest responding students.

Real time assistance for either individual learning or group work

Divide students into different groups and let the groups compete with each other. The result will be shown either by group or by individual student. A surprising prize will be shown on the screen when all of the students in the group make a correct answer. Also, the top 5 fastest responding students will be rewarded. The software will be updated continuously and new exciting features will be added.

Review Previous Questions for Future Lesson Planning

Quiz questions that have been asked are automatically captured and saved to the software, so teachers can review the questions for future lesson planning. Because of the way it analyzes class results, the software is ideal for recognizing what learning concepts are not yet fully understood by a class.

Review Individual Student Results

Individual student achievement can be reviewed and analyzed via the software, which helps teachers manage the grades of individual students and monitor their progress. Note: Additionally, with the optional iRespond software, teachers can perform advanced analysis and grade management.

Enhance interaction with an ELMO document camera

Adding an ELMO document camera allows teachers to use any kind of teaching material, including textbooks, worksheets, and real objects along with computer software.

Enhance interaction with the CRA-1 wireless tablet

With the CRA-1 wireless tablet, teachers can move around the classroom and interact with students. Also, teachers can conduct lessons more flexibly and even write pop quizzes by hand with little or no preparation.

CRV-24 + CRA-1
 Product Code#: 1335-247
 MSRP: $1,429.00

CRV-32 + CRA-1
 Product Code #: 1335-327 
 MSRP: $1,719.00

Post Lesson Analysis and Future Lesson Planning

The ELMO reporting function allows teachers to review the performance of individual students. Quiz questions are automatically saved to a connected PC. With the optional iRespond for ELMO SRS software, teachers can conduct even more detailed management and analysis of student results.

iRespond for ELMO Reporting Tool Software
 Product Code#: IRP-001
 MSRP: $399.00

•Automatically import the data collected by ELMO clickers and Image Mate Accent for SRS
•Know Every Student’s Comprehension Level
•Produce Immediate Reports Based on Standards/Objectives
•Assess Your Students as a Class, Individually or in Teams
•Graphical Feedback to Students
•Dynamically Link Content to State Standards
•Import Rosters and Tests
•Export Results to Management Systems
•Post Results to Grade Books
•Built Test Questions
•Create Quick Answer Key
•Create your own Import/Export Formats
•Import Test Questions from MS Word

iRespond for ELMO Reporting & Content
 Product Code#: IRPC-001
 MSRP: $599.00

All Reporting Tool features, plus
• Over 30,000 question items covering grades K-12 accessed individually by state standard.
• Elementary (K-6) with 13,000 Questions, Middle (6-9) with 23,300 Questions, and Secondary (9-12) with 18,000 Questions
• Subject areas for all licenses include: Language Arts/English, Mathematics, Health, Science (earth, life, physical), Social Studies (economics, geography, American government, U.S. history, world history, supplement topics), English Language Learners (ELL), Financial Literacy, and Life Skills
• Each question item in the K-12 content is curriculum-based and carefully written to align with state guidelines and national standards.
• This is a single classroom license with no need to renew.

2nd Year Annual Upgrades
 Product Code#: ASUS-119
 MSRP: $269.00

Unlimited access to software upgrades as they occur, maintenance and upgrades associated with standard and alignment, unlimited technical support, and web seminar training on the use of the product during second year.