CRC-1 Switcher

CRC-1 Switcher


Today's classrooms make use of a multitude of audio-visual equipment, including document cameras, projectors, computers, DVD players and monitors. Wouldn't it be great to control all of that equipment via a single device? The CRC-1 Switcher enables just that - providing easy, centralized control of various classroom equipment through infrared or RS-232C signals. With the CRC-1, teachers can focus on teaching, without the distraction of complex equipment management. Whether mounted on a wall or placed on a lectern or desk for easy access, the compact, user-friendly CRC-1 looks good and performs well in any classroom.

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Switch Between Computer, Document Camera, or Video (DVD)

Various input sources can be selected from the CRC-1, making the switch between classroom devices smooth and easy.

Control Microphone Volume

With the CRC-1, microphone volume can be controlled separately from other AV equipment.

Control Projector Functions: On/Off, Input Selection, and Image Adjustment

For easy selection and operation, the CRC-1 has built-in RD-232C commands for nine projector manufacturers. Additionally, an IR learning function "learns" the IR signals of a projector's remote control, allowing the projector to be controlled via the CRC-1.

Adjust AV Equipment Sound Volume

The sound volume on AV equipment can easily be adjusted via the CRC-1.