BOXi T-350

BOXi T-350


BOXi T-350 is a versatile mobile projector designed for an extensive range of personal and business applications. Successfully combining function with style, BOXi T-350 becomes one of the most attractive and highest quality mobile projectors currently on the market.


BOXi T-350 is "one of the most impressive pieces of technology I have had the honor of testing", raves Dustin Orgill from Click here to read the rest of his review of BOXi T-350.


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Various Applications of the BOXi T-350


The BOXi T-350 can be used to:


                    watch your favorite movie...

                 or play your favorite video game



The BOXi T-350 can also be used to project:

Your favorite TV show
Memories from your video camera





Real Projection

BOXi's specially developed LED optical engine provides true color reproduction, creating a superior high speed video experience.

Short Focus

Project a 50" image with only 3.3' of throw distance allowing for high flexibility for both business presentation and home theatre applications.

Mobile & Light

Weighing only 1.1 lbs and as compact as a lunch box at 5.2"x 5.6"x 1.7". BOXi T-350 can easily be carried in a lunch box or totebag.


The quiet engineering of BOXi allows for important meeting and presentations to be conducted without disruption.

Quick & Easy

Project an image only seven seconds after powering on. The included case acts as a mount which makes setup a breeze.  The BOXi T-350 is easy to set up.  All you need is a power supply and an HDMI cable for connection.

Long Life & Eco

With a life of 20,000 hours, the LED lamp can be run for eight hours a day for 2,500 days (approx. 6.8 years). It's great as an industrial display as well.