BOXi MP-350

BOXi MP-350

PRODUCT CODE #: 1915-1

BOXi is a versatile mobile projector designed for an extensive range of personal and business applications. Successfully combining function with style, BOXi becomes one of the most attractive and highest quality mobile projectors currently on the market. BOXi MP-350 is WiFi enabled and can be used to conduct presentations wirelessly from your computer or smartphone.


"ELMO is beginning a brand building campaign now to make its name more familiar to consumer audiences."  states Greg Tarr from Twice Magzine.  Click here to read the rest of his article on BOXi MP-350.


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For more information about BOXi Setup, download the Quickstart Guide here.


iOS 7 Users: Download BOXi Air Version 2.03 for WiFi.  Version 2.03 is also compatible with other iPhone Operating Systems.

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Various Applications of the BOXi MP-350


The BOXi MP-350 can be used to:

                    conduct important presentations wirelessly from your computer

                 or smartphone..


iOS 7 Users: Click here for more information about the WiFi Connection


                    conduct an educational lesson...

                 or watch a movie with friends and family.


The BOXi MP-350 can also be used to project:

Video games on a 68" screen
Memories from your video camera






Features of the BOXi MP-350


Real Projection

BOXi's specially developed LED optical engine provides true color reproduction, creating a superior high speed video experience.

Short Focus

Project a 50" image with only 3.3' of throw distance allowing for high flexibility for both business presentation and home theatre applications.

Mobile & Light

Weighing only 1.1 lbs and as compact as a lunch box at 5.2"x5.6"x1.7". Easily carry BOXi anywhere in a brief case or tote bag.


The quiet engineering of BOXi allows for important meeting and presentations to be conducted without disruption.

Quick & Easy

Project an image only seven seconds after powering on. The included case acts as a mount which makes setup a breeze.

Long Life & Eco

With a life of 20,000 hours, the LED lamp can be run for eight hours a day for 2,500 days (approx. 6.8 years). It's great as an industrial display as well.


Wireless presentations are possible using the computer APP BOXi Play or the iPhone® and iPad® iOS App BOXi Air. Conduct a stylish presentation.


BOXi Play is compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows:Windows XP (32bit/64bit)/Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) / Windows 7/Windows 8.
Mac:OSX 10.5+
iOS 7 Users: Download BOXi Air Version 2.03.  Version 2.03 is also comptable with older iPhone Operating Systems.