ABC 123

MO-1 Visual Presenter, P10 New Document Camera, TT-02RX - discontinued, TT-12 Interactive Document Camera- DISCONTINUED

An ELMO document camera can be used to bring life to sequencing activities such as practicing alphabetical order or numbers on a number line. Students love to come to the document camera and see their work projected for the class.

ELMO document camera, Projector, Cards or small pieces of paper with words to be put in alphabetical order (or numbers to be put in order)

1. Label each small piece of paper with a word to be placed in alphabetical order.

2. Give a student several slips of paper with words to put in order under the document camera.
3. Give another student several additional slips of paper to add to the previous words.
4. Continue until all words have been correctly added in order.
5. Discuss as a class, clarifying and making corrections as necessary.

6. As a review activity on a separate occasion, mix the cards and pass out to different students, repeat activity as listed above, adding a shortened time constraint.
7. As an assessment, project selected numbers using the ELMO document camera, have students write the numbers in order on their own papers.

This activity can be easily adapted for practice in other sequencing activities, such as days of the week, months of the year, or how to put words in alphabetical order.
This activity adapts well to content areas such as math or science, i.e. teaching students where fractions and positive and negative numbers fit on a number line, or the stages of the development of a butterfly.
Have each student create several cards with concepts to put in order.